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How To Keep Your Stored Diesel Fuel Clean and Dry

The threat that contaminated diesel fuel poses to efficient and reliable running of diesel engines is now widely recognised. Dirty diesel, whether it be through water contamination, diesel bug or particle contamination, poses a risk to power in critical applications including standby generators, fire pumps and marine systems.

Modern diesel blends with bio-diesel content, can start to deteriorate within six months of delivery. This spoilage includes the formation of acids and gums in the fuel as the fuel oxidises and starts to break down, as well as the growth of microbes encouraged by excessive water content.

If you are storing diesel for long periods of time especially for critical applications, it is important that you take appropriate measures to preserve your fuel quality. We suggest you consider some of the following:

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Use a Fuel Stabilizer Additive

Apart from good fuel housekeeping, the simplest protection you can provide for your fuel is a good quality fuel stabilizer. Diesel ADV+ from IPU is specially formulated to provide long term fuel oxidation stability for diesel and gas oil. It controls water content and cleans up your fuel system by removing dirt particles. Using Diesel ADV+ you can expect to extend your fuel storage life from 6 months to 12 months.

Fit Tank Vent Filtration

Water is the enemy of those storing diesel for long periods. Excessive water in your fuel tank will accelerate fuel oxidation and can provide an environment for diesel bug to thrive. One of the simplest, most cost effective methods of reducing the risk of water in your fuel tank is by fitting a 'Tank Vent Filter'. An effective tank vent filter will remove up to 97% of moisture from air as it enters your fuel tank.

Fuel Polishing Systems

The 'state of the art' approach for ensuring that your stored diesel or gas oil stays free from contamination is the fitment of a fuel polishing system to your fuel storage facility. Diesel Defence fuel polishing systems from IPU Group constantly recirculate your fuel through a series of filters removing water, dirt and other damaging contamination. All Diesel Defence units operate automatically via an inbuilt 24/7 timer and are fitted with a variety of alarms and options. We can even provide you with a unit that will provide live fuel quality information.


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