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About Us

ComAp Pty Ltd has many years of experience within the power generation and control industry. Industry leading products, combined with highly experienced and knowledgeable staff make ComAp your first choice for all you energy systems solutions.

ComAp Pty Ltd represents some of the leading control technology companies in the world including ComAp, Governors America Corporation (GAC), IPU and 42 Technology.

To these leading products, we add a range of engineering services including design and drafting, programming, commissioning and training. We also offer services to carry out contract completion ranging from the design and supply of small control cubicles through to the complete turnkey design, construction, supply and commission of complete control systems.

From its humble beginnings as a two-man operation, ComAp  has grown to be the major player in the Australasian industrial electronics industry. With offices in Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane, ComAp have the products, the knowledge and the staff to provide a solution to all your energy control needs.

ComAp's main product categories are:

  • ATS controllers
  • Gen-set controllers
  • Generator controllers
  • Mains protections
  • Engine controllers
  • Off-road machinery controllers
  • Bifuel products
  • Accessories
  • PC tools
  • Battery chargers
  • Electronic potentiometers

ComAp's key strengths are flexibility, experience, knowledge and enthusiasm. This blend of values defines our personality and gives you the assurance of a truly honest and positive relationship. By supporting our people, investing in their development and encouraging creativity, our teams work hard to find new opportunities, technologies and solutions that enable us to successfully help our customers solve their problems effectively.

ComAp products represent some of the most reliable solutions on the market today. Every component and product undergoes the most rigorous standards during manufacture, with every stage being undertaken in accordance with international 
ISO 9001 certification.

Our products are backed with the approvals from major Marine Certification Societies. Accreditation at the highest-level ensures confidence, and every ComAp product is supplied with an appropriate warranty and after-sales support for complete peace of mind.

ComAp's expertise extends beyond innovative controllers to include a range of subsidiary businesses specialising in a range of services, which include bi-fuel conversions, power energy systems solutions and electronic components distribution. These subsidiaries are located in key strategic regions around the world ensuring our customers benefit from local capability and support coupled with global reach.ComAp collaborates with many well-known Associations, Research Institutes, Universities and partners such as AMPS (The Association of Manufacturers of Power generating Systems), UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or 
Beep to ensure new technology and product developments meet the needs of all markets served.